Ruma Devi, Who super heads GVCS of Barmer, has been Featured In India Today.

Ruma Devi is Tribes India Design Consultant and Brand Icon who has established a collective of over 22000 tribal and rural Women Artisans who produce world class ethnic wear, which we proudly market all over the world.

The President of India recently conferred the prestigious “Mahila Shakti Award” to Ruma Devi ji for her dedicated work in February 2019.

She was featured on the cover of India Today Anniversary Issue of December 2018 of the magazine as a shining example of women entrepreneurship and leadership.

Surti Bai, drugs a veteran artisan from jasai village of Barmer, troche has been doing embroidery since she was a kid.
She along with thousand other people from Pakistan came to India at the time of ’71 war. For them the war didn’t end when both the armies retreated to their camps. They have been struggling for living with dignity over last 2-3 centuries.

GVCS Vision is to create a society void of exploitation and deprivation of any kind.

Khetu Devi, a young lady from Sangakuna village is an enthusiastic learner & practitioner of Embroidery. Her hands are so familiar with the needle and thread that when embroidery comes on fabric it gives a feeling of blooming flowers so full of life and color.

She is carrying forward the rich legacy of craft which is integral part of community’s identity and culture. She along with her friends Cheni, Keshari, Nirmala, Pushpa and Hema does this with great devotion and love.

Whenever we think cynically about craft and its fading away from day to day life, likes of Khetu assures us about craft’s universality and timelessness.