GVCS, Barmer is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political and social welfare association which was founded for the upliftment of women, Dalits and marginalised communities in the region.

It was established on 7th July, 1998 and has been working on a broad spectrum of rural development activities since then.

The core area of focus has been livelihood generation for the women of the region. GVCS has promoted handicrafts as a viable means of creating home –based employment that provides them with a steady source of income from the security of their home environment.

Other programmes managed by GVCS includes SHG formation, flood relief, fodder for drought affected cattle and education programmes for child & women.

GVCS believes that true development can only happen when all sections of the village community and community based organisations are involved in the decision making process.

Hence, it encourages equal participation of all in the creation and implementation of its programmes.

To empower Women Artisans to Reinstate Their value and to make Handicraft as a viable means of creating home-based employment for women artisans.